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Obstinate and difficult, will someone be
Sophie's Salvation?








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Sophie's Salvation


Sophie Maitland has taken her mother's advice.  She believes that she has achieved everything that she wants in life - wealth, security and a predictable future - by marrying the elder son of a neighbour in Derbyshire who will inherit his family's estate.  

But Jack Douglas is not an affectionate husband, nor an interesting person.  

When Sophie goes to live with Jack in Leeds, a thriving industrial town, she finds a very different situation to the comfortable life in the country that she has known before.   After Jack is killed in a riot, Sophie feels that no-one either wants or needs her.

Slowly, she learns that life will be more enjoyable if she takes risks, forgets her prejudices, and learns to like a gentleman who she would never previously have considered.  

But can she compromise, and agree with someone for whom she had formed a strong dislike?  Will Sophie discover how to care about other people before it is too late, and can she overcome all the other obstacles on her route to happiness?


Will Sophie have
the courage to travel 
to a foreign country?

Or to marry someone
who she has always disliked?

And what about
that title that
her mother always desired?

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