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Notes about the Maitland family by author Janet Aylmer

These three novels tell of romance, family tragedy and intrigue, and are set in England towards the end of the War with Napoleon.  


Julia Maitland is the eldest sister of three, and she has had an idyllic childhood with her brother and younger sisters on her family's estate in Derbyshire.  A lively girl, upon reaching marriageable age she looks forward to everything that her new status could bring - the excitements of her first season in society, a choice of handsome suitors and - hopefully - a blissful future with a man she could cherish.  

Julia inherits her mother's determination, but otherwise is a calm person like her father, as well as being sympathetic and practical.  But Julia's prospects take a disastrous turn with the sudden and unbearably tragic death of her soldier brother in the war against Napoleon, and the loss of her father's investments. 

Within the span of a few weeks, she finds herself in London, then meeting new people in fashionable Bath, and chasing smugglers through the countryside in coastal Dorset.  And yet, through all the drama and turmoil, Julia keeps alive her hopes for happiness and love, passionate, powerful and true.   
Read Julia and the Master of Morancourt to learn more.


The second daughter Sophie Maitland, like her mother Olivia, is irrepressible as well as determined, running at everything in life at full-tilt, and often being selfish and very thoughtless.  But after her marriage, disaster strikes Sophie twice in quick succession.  

A gentleman that her mother had very strongly disliked keeps intruding into her life - opinionated and apparently uncompromising, the cousin who will inherit her family's home.  Yet Mr Harford can be sympathetic when Sophie least expects it, and propose options which she might not have had the courage to take.  
Read Sophie's Salvation to learn more.



The youngest sister Harriet Maitland is a lively and pleasant girl, perhaps a little less serious than Julia, but likeable and outgoing.  Her responsibilities to her ailing father limit her opportunities to meet people and find the right person to love.  But Harriet has good friends, and then fate takes a hand.

Read Dialogue with Darcy to learn more.



So the ideal partners in life for each of the sisters will be very different, and their stories develop accordingly.  


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