Pride & Prejudice
from the hero's point of view

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Paperback (USA)

Paperback (UK)

This edition includes more than
55 illustrations by Hugh Thomson,
first produced for an edition of
"Pride and Prejudice" published in 1894,

and a preface by the author, Janet Aylmer,
about how she tells the story
from Darcy's point of view


More than 12,000 copies sold in the UK

First published in 1999


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The New Illustrated Darcy's Story


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Dialogue with Darcy



"I was glad to see that Janet Aylmer
takes the sympathetic view of Darcy that I do.  
I enjoyed it."

Andrew Davies, scriptwriter for the BBC TV serial of Pride and Prejudice


"I am very pleased with the book.
I enjoyed Darcy's Story because it is faithful to
Jane Austen's plot and to her characters." 

Jean Bowden, the Curator at
Jane Austen's House, Chawton


"Darcy's Story is an absolutely wonderful,
thoughtful book:
what an inspiration it was to write this story"

Miss E.B. of Sheffield,
one of the first readers to purchase the book