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Darcy's Story

In the Footsteps of Jane Austen

Meet the Author

How Janet became an Accidental Author

In October 1995, Janet and her daughter Rachel were watching an episode of the BBC TV serial of Pride & Prejudice, and Rachel said that she wished that she knew more about Darcy's side of the book. So Janet wrote two chapters of "Darcy's Story", and then went on to complete the novel. Members of the family said that the book should be published for more people to enjoy, and so 2000 copies were printed in the summer of 1996.  

Any thoughts that the books might take a long time to sell vanished when the shop at Lyme Park (used as Darcy's home "Pemberley" in the serial) sold 20 copies in 2 days, and asked urgently for more!  

Subsequently, HarperCollins in New York contacted the publishers, and HarperCollins published the book in North America in the summer of 2006.  Janet went on to write a Regency novel for them about the Maitland family and, in all, Janet has written 6 books with a Regency theme.


Janet Aylmer married John and they lived in the beautiful city of Bath in the west of England for more than 30 years. Janet and John have four children and three grandchildren.

Janet was born in Peterborough, England. She was brought up in the county of Surrey before moving to London to go to college.  She was trained as a property professional and worked in a private company and then in local government before taking a responsible role in central government.

Interests and Hobbies

Janet enjoys Regency romance and other novels, particularly those by Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen, and most books about history and the way the world works.  

She likes to visit theatres and cinemas, and to listen to music. Janet has designed and supervised the building of 3 houses for herself and John during their married life.  She enjoys French history, food and wine, and her family has owned a holiday house in south-west France.

Janet enjoys travel and meeting new people, and she has visited (in no particular order) Italy, Norway, ten states in the USA, France, Canada, Australia,  Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Hungary, Madeirs, Raratonga, Czech Republic, Hongkong, Sweden, Singapore, Croatia, Malta, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Monaco, Austria, Madeira, Switzerland, Spain, Liechtenstein, Portugal, the Canary Islands, Martinique and St Lucia.


Janet is a member of the Society of Authors, the Romantic Novelists' Association, and the Historical Novel Society

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